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Create Ceremony for Reiki Healing- Make Sacred Space

©Tuesday May Thomas
Consciously creating a sacred space in which to practice and perform Reiki Healing, whether it is simply for self-practice, or in service to others is a mindful consideration and an act of ceremony.

 Indeed creating a sacred space for Reiki Healing is a mindful method I have taken on as a formal part of my ongoing 'practice'. 

What does it mean to you- to make sacred space? To me, it means doing what I am guided to 'do' by my higher self and or 'Reiki' in order to acknowledge and affirm the presence of light and love in the midst of the space I will be working in. Sometimes that means burning sage, laying out crystals, creating a bubble of light,  the visualization of Reiki symbols, and more.

Funny thing is, I recall my Reiki teacher not once going out of her way to 'create sacred space' for a Reiki Healing. I spent years apprenticing with her, whereby I shared Reiki Healing with her weekly, received Reiki from her quarterly (she would gift the masters in our small group a Reiki session every four months or so as a tune-up), and I facilitated Reiki Healing with her for others in their homes, and in hospitals. 

She was not one to burn sage, hit the drum, lay out crystals, say 'cho ku rei', play dolphin music, or wave a feather. Not one single feather! Though I do remember one time (and one time only in the space of three years) she brought an amethyst and laid it upon a young boy we were working on. Outside of this 'one-time crystal use during Reiki', she instead used to do this thing called 'put a vhs into the video player' (yes that's how far back we are going). 

Either I or she would lay upon her couch with the crown of our head at the arm-side edge, propped up on pillows. That's right, no healing table here... just a comfy couch and an 80's video playing in the background. All of this occurred in the living room of her Brooklyn apartment, in quite a nonchalant fashion.

While this experience served as a blueprint for holding space while serving Reiki Healing, it was not my style, though I now understand the 'meaning of the vhs work' we were doing and what was happening on a much bigger scale with my teacher. Keep reading to find out!...

As my own Reiki Master-ship evolved I found myself living alone in a two-bedroom apartment. The spare bedroom became the 'healing room'. I had many clients and students coming and going through my home. I loved feeling the freedom and creativity to make sacred space for all of our interactions. 

I wanted to have a special zone in which we did our work together. So I manifested a healing table which was always set up in the middle of the healing room. I painted the walls a clear golden color, placed light chiffon curtains on the windows with maybe one piece of art on the walls. It was simple. There was a small altar with a candle, sage, and a few crystals- and that was it.

I used the kitchen as a space for introductions, tea, and talk/counsel and then I would walk my students and clients through the living room to the special healing room dedicated only to serving Reiki Healing. I liked it that way.

Over the years I have facilitated Reiki in many spaces and there has always been a powerful draw to activate the energy of a space before the actual exchange of Reiki takes place, whether it is with one student or client, or a group of thirty. This said, anytime I am guided to share Reiki and an 'invocation/activation' as such is not consciously created, the Reiki exchange is just as powerful without it. Why? Reiki itself creates scared space where ever it is intended and honored. While I love making sacred space, I see now how my teacher's approach to simply getting down with the practice of Reiki was always enough.

In thinking on this, it seems the act of making sacred space is all about orienting our own energy in way of aligning ourselves with the holy and sacred quality of healing we will be facilitating and exchanging. To make sacred space is to bring us into direct contact with that which we are, and with what we will be participating in; that being submerging into the experience of pure unconditional love.

So before we get into some ideas on how to make sacred space, I want to finish painting the picture of my teachers' 'vhs work'  I mentioned above. You see, when it was my turn to receive Reiki she would invite me into her office where a huge bookshelf of videos was on display. It was up to me to pick out a video for my healing journey.

Though I would often fall asleep while she lay hands on me, what I came to understand was my subconscious was really the part of me that picked the video out. That was a part of me that was getting worked on while I lay down to receive. The storylines in the film were just reflecting ideas I held deep within to be 'worked on' and healed, for the highest good.

Here are some ideas to make sacred space for your Reiki Healing experience.

1. The cho ku rei (or any other Reiki Symbol) is a perfect way to activate and prime the energy of a space and make it sacred. Whether you are facilitating a workshop or one to one exchange on Meditation, Yoga, Reiki or any other modality you can draw the cho ku rei energetically with your mind's eye, hand, or finger on the walls, ceiling and floor of the space and room you will be sharing in.  I also like to imagine/hang a HUGE cho ku rei in the middle of the space too- like an energy chandelier.

2. Burn sage; a)Walk the parameters of the space and pay special attention to saging the entrance and exits. b) Sage each participant or your client as a part of your exchange. I almost always include saging my clients as a part of the opening and closing of a one to one Reiki Healing. And I always walk the circle and sage each participant in a group I may be sharing Reiki Healing with at the beginning of a Workshop. I do this as a means to create ceremony and as an offering to bring each participant into their spiritual awareness for our day together. Besides being used as an offering, sage 'resets' & primes the energy of a space and acts as a powerful clearing agent for stagnant or funky energy. This said it is nice to burn sage to simply as an offering of the earthly medicine to the space you will be 'working' in.

3. Call in your Reiki Guides, Angels, Loved Ones that have Passed, and Animal Totems. Invite your client/students to do the same. At the beginning of a session, I take a still and concentrated moment to invite in all those light beings who love us unconditionally and I invite participants to do the same silently within. 

In a workshop setting, you can invite participants to speak their 'invites' aloud, as they are guided- there is never a force to do anything someone does not want to. You will feel the room filling up with the presence of those most-high beings who hold love and love for us! At the end of the session or workshop take a conscious moment to speak gratitude aloud for 'their' blessed offering of holding space for the most-high healing for one and all.

4. Use a 'Community Stone or Crystal' in the space of healing. This may be used as a tool that recipients can
 utilize if they like, or it can simply hold space within the space where healing takes place. I use a community stone of Rose Quartz (click to view my Instagram of cleansing this sacred stone), meaning it is used with clients during reiki healing, and as a talking stone (instead of a talking stick) when I facilitate gatherings. Since it is a community stone I do not program it with 'personal' intentions. Rather it is invited to bring blessings of service, extending maximally charged gifts of its inherent healing qualities to one and all. It likes to be cleansed with sea salt in the sunshine quite often ♥ .

There are so many ways you can make sacred space- allow your higher self and Reiki to show you what to do. And be reminded that whenever and wherever you place love, and intend Reiki, the space of sacredness is created as a beautiful by-product through simply acknowledging Reiki and allowing it to flow. ©Tuesday May Thomas

Thank you for your comments and support!
Namaste with Love,


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