Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sending Distance Reiki

Knowing the difference between what you think needs to happen versus listening to the divine guidance of Reiki is an initiation for the practitioner, and is one of the utmost highest order. 

Alas, there is a learning curve in this also, and no harm will ever be done to a person by sharing Reiki with them. The learning curve lies in the practitioner practicing integrity through sharing Reiki only when it is asked for, agreed to, or guided by Reiki itself. This curve is not about a Reiki practitioner reaping bad karma through 'working their will' versus listening to the guidance of Reiki. Rather, its about- what kind of practitioner/facilitator do you want to be? When we listen and flow with what is guided, the process is often very fluid, potent and powerful for all involved, and it is always for the highest good of all. These conditions of practice are set for the practitioner to hone their ability to discern what their will is, versus what the guidance of Reiki is at any given juncture. 

In my upcoming book 'The Reiki Apprentice', I write about how there comes a point- usually around Level Three, when one simply cannot 'help' Reiki flowing through them! You will feel it flowing out of your pores and eyeballs and to people and places you could never imagine! But at that point your channels are open enough to facilitate on that level, and it's not you- its the Reiki doing the work through you. You just get to observe and be the faucet not the water!

When sharing Distance Reiki, one of the cosmic clauses I teach is; If you cannot have direct contact with an individual, always ask their higher Self if they are in agreement with receiving Reiki at that time.

If you are sharing a distance healing, and the person knows you will be sending healing, and has agreed to it through conscious communication with you, the most powerful means of transmission is for them to lay down and close their eyes. Maybe they will cover themselves with a blanket, and maybe they will put on a little relaxation music too. Have them uncross their limbs and simply be open to receive. Make a pre planned date- Agree on a time (12-1pm on Wednesday, for example) so they will be ready and open. From there either use your minds eye to see them, or use a picture, or a teddy bear, or pillow to represent them. Before beginning the healing draw a huge cho ku rei in the room/environment you imagine them being in. This will raise the vibration of the space where they are and create correct energetic conditions for the healing. Have them drink water afterwards for grounding.

If you are guided to send healing and the person does not know, but their higher self has agreed, well- there could be a million situations where this may abide. A person does not need to be in the hospital to come up on your radar to receive distance Reiki from you! It could be guided for anyone, even people you don't know. As long as you feel it is a genuine request from their higher self and you get the green light it is truly guided via reiki/your reiki angels, then you can ask your reiki angels what is the best mode of sharing distance healing with this person, at this time? 

You will know what to do, just listen. In this case, follow your reiki guidance. The healing may be five minutes or fifty minutes- don't be concerned if they are with uncrossed legs and such. In this case, the reiki will be absorbed by them as they are ready to receive it. The reiki will go to them and what is ready and appropriate for them to receive will be absorbed by them and the rest will 'park' itself in their aura and will be administered to them by their higher self like a time release vitamin! You can use the same practice of seeing them in your minds eye, a picture, a teddy bear or pillow, what ever feels right to you. Imagine them drinking a glass of water afterwards.

Check List for Sending Distance Reiki

1. Make either conscious contact (phone call/conversation) or higher self contact with the person/place or thing prior to sending long distance reiki. 

2. Once you have been given permission or receive a clear agreement on their part to share reiki with them,

3. Create an appropriate space to share that healing from. For example, where possible-turn off the tv, light a candle- take a few breaths, lay hands on yourself for some time first. Create a sacred space.

4. Call in your guides & Reiki angels.

5. Make contact with your clients higher self and invite them to prepare for their healing and that they may call in their guides too.

6. Use a picture or teddy bear or the like, or even a pillow to represent your client. Listen to reiki guidance and lay hands. Draw & visualize your hon sha ze sho non (notes are okay to use til you know it by heart). You may be guided to use other symbols too over the course of the healing.

7. As the session is guided to end, acknowledge the individual's higher self you have connected with and thank your guides and reiki angels for helping to hold space.