Thursday, May 25, 2017

The 'Dai Ko Myo' Reiki symbol and Level Three Reiki attunement

Dai Ko Myo


In the Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage I am attuned with and teach, Level Three Reiki is associated with one symbol- 'DAI KO MYO' pronounced (die- ko- meeo). It relates specifically to the spiritual body, self realization and the direct experience of ones heart opening. 

Level Three activates the heart chackra (bridge between higher and lower centers) and may serve to deepen your hearts experience in every area of life. It is like opening your heart without limits, and with the protection of even greater detachment. This attunement acts as the training wheels for the Master Level.

In my lineage Dia Ko Myo/ Level Three is the attunement that comes before Raku/Master Level. It serves an awakening within the student and brings them to a great respect for the deepened potency of ones thoughts actions, words and deeds. In many ways, this attunement acts as training wheels for the student to learn how to hold space as a Master weather they plan on being a Reiki teacher or simply using the Master Level to master their life.

Level Three is all about living from the truth of your heart. Besides opening your channels that more life force flow through you with ease, your ability to heal your life and allow your life to be healed is expanded exponentially. Your ability to channel, receive & 'hold' greater love, life-force, celestial nourishment, and joy in your body vehicle is activated. Your ability to equally give/gift- love, life force, celestial nourishment & joy- in larger ways comes with even greater grace. 

With disciplined regular self-hands-on work (even a weekly practice goes a long way), your personal fountain of life force overflows, and connects you with the inexhaustible god-source/love-force of all life. This means the 'space' you then 'give energy' from is of that which overflows with ease, not from your personal reserves of energy.

With Level Three, ones energy within, and all around- shifts to a new vibrational octave and the world watches and awaits, as you become the exemplifier of a new marked freedom. Ring the bell of liberation for others through the words and deeds you share in the world. YOU are the teacher unfolding.

There are a handful of Dai Ko Myo symbols a Master may use to attune a student with. In my 16 years of passing attunements I have used three variations. The version at the top of this post is the one I have been guided to use predominantly in attunements for the past three years. 

The version below in pink was channeled by Diane Stein and can be used as a part of the attunement process to open the sushumna and hand channels, and also as the actual Dai Ko Myo symbol a student is receiving as their Level Three activating symbol. Confusing? Yes it can be if you are not a practicing teacher- but no worries, lets move on!

Level Three is the integration of truly living what you have been initiated into with Level One and Level Two, and putting those realizations and the healing of the first three chakras into conscious action through operating fearlessly from your heart. It bridges the gap between the first two chakras and the heart center. The more we practice being and living from the heart-space of Self love and authenticity, everything flows and the less we have to 'do' or 'effort' to make life work...

Ultimately Level Three assists in opening the heart chakra. It lights the way for more dense energies to be transmuted through the higher chakras. 

Level Three brings great joy and the symbol name associated there 'Dai Ko Myo'- generally translates to GREAT BRIGHT LIGHT or GREAT WHITE LIGHT. That great bright light is the light of your heart which naturally abides. It becomes further awakened and calibrated in divine alignment with the love of the universe! ©TuesdayMayThomas

Namaste, Tuesday 

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Monday, May 15, 2017

"Who Are You?" - Daydreaming from the Heart

This post invites you to recalibrate in the name of relaxation and daydreaming. Rediscover who you are by honoring the visions from your heart. 
© Tuesday May Thomas

 I found myself sitting in front of Patrick Harrington a famous trance channel who amusingly offered me many elixirs of light while reading my palm. One of the most potent offerings came in a question "Why don't you daydream anymore?" Whoa- stop the press... He's right. Why don't I daydream anymore? 

In the past half year I have somehow thwarted my dreaming to extend only as far as my bubble of immediate third dimensional needs. This includes fixing the car, paying rent on time, and having healthy food to eat. With all of these basic needs feeling more pressing than a 'need' to daydream, I had forgotten the fullness of who I am in this daydream realm- and so who I am in this world. I had forgotten the power that lies in exploring the seeds of calling in my heart. I must say the practice of conscious daydreaming is an old friend I now invite back into the tool bag!

Who I am? What is the biggest, brightest version of me doing and being when I allow myself to daydream? Patrick's offering jumpstarted me to re-learn and so remember how to color outside of the lines when it comes to using my imagination.

Oh yes, my imagination was dusty. It was dusty and rusty like an old lawnmower wheeled out from the garage that had to be 'tried' a few times before it started. Once the motor of my imagination started, I could not ignore the feelings of expansion in my body. What is this feeling? Oh yes, it is sheer joy! Old scenes emerged from the deeper parts of my mind as holographic pictures emanating from my heart. I like to think of them as the 'greatest hits' of my subconscious mind! They are the movies I like to see in my mind. They are the pictures that light me up, make me smile and catalyze excitement in my every cell and fibre. They are pictures that show me how be more of my authentic Self. And they reside in you too.

I believe we all house seeds of calling. I believe the seeds we each hold in our hearts are wired in alignment with a much larger heart, and a plan of peace and joy for this planet.  I believe the seeds of calling within each of our hearts are here to show us 'where to go' and 'what to do'- that we may meet our greatest joy. It is here we meet others who have realized their greatest joy too. Wow, can you imagine how we will light up the world from a collectively sustained frequency of authentic joy? 

The pictures in our hearts invite us to participate fully in life. This can be frightening, but only because it is a muscle mostly atrophied in us, as the world does little to engage society in practicing faith and trust in accessing the authentic parts of our collective soul. The watering of these seeds (the practice of active daydreaming from the heart) serves to connect us to our joy, our truth, and with like-minded beings. Can we fulfill a realization of unity consciousness, of one-ness in this way?... That we may bridge Heaven on Earth? I say YES!

So I propose these questions to you. 
"Who are you? What is the biggest, brightest version of you doing and being when you allow your Self to daydream?... and What would you daydream about if you had the next hour to do so?" I invite you to not only make time, but to take time to daydream. Simply drop your awareness into your heart and explore what resides there.

For example I have a student who has a dream of starting a bee farm to make honey. He gets so jazzed about it, you can see his whole face and eyes light up when he talks about it. His energy literally becomes larger, and excited in a positive, palpable way. But... Then his energy begins to shrink, and he slowly becomes despondent stating he has a 9-5 job and can't see how it will happen. Well, that's because he is trying to figure it all out in a 'sensible way' with his logical mind. Yet when he drops into his heart and simply plays with the idea of how it could happen, suddenly all the limits of this world fall away and he is left with the sheer joy of possibility. And that's what we are after, the feelings our dreams give us. This is the feeling realization that stirs excitement in our mind and body. It's a frequency that tells the U-verse. Here I am, I am that, and so it is. Upon your sustained 'I Am'-ness, ultimately the U-verse folds to your vibration and in the highest forms can supply a way when there was no-way seen before. 
For now, if you require something or someone outside of your Self to offer it-you have permission to relax. Now, drop into your heart space and let those pictures in your heart, the ones you know are yours, and only yours- let them have life through your attention. Dream your Self into them, and actively engage your imagination to bravely color outside the lines. Don't try to control the landscape in your daydream, simply be active within the pictures your heart shows you. Exercise your ability to play, like a child- within them.

As you resonate at this peak frequency, know you are indeed bridging Heaven on Earth through your peaceful existence and the joyful expansion given to your heart and mind through this exercise. As you bridge Heaven and Earth the past and future fall away and the experience of living a healed life abides in the now. 
© Tuesday May Thomas

Namaste with Love,