Thursday, June 15, 2017

A note to all Level One's: "Why lay hands?"

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A note to all Level One's: "Why lay hands?"

Since 2001 I have had the honor of attuning many many many students to Reiki. Self-Healing via laying of hands is what I give as homework to all level of attunees, and especially to Level One students as the thirty day period after receiving their attunement is a sacred space through which much transformation can occur. 

To be present for this shift is most vital to truly 'attuning' to Reiki and its healing capacity. Level One students can have a hard time carving out time to develop a daily laying on of hands Self-Healing practice, or simply meet resistance in cultivating a new discipline. When they do meet a wall in their Self healing process, or just plain 'forget' to practice, below is a portion of what I offer...

And I want you to know that it is never too late to begin laying hands. Some students receive their Level One and are not taught by their teacher to practice Self Healing. If you are attuned to Level One or any Level for that matter, and the information in this article activates as truth for you- start today.  

A note to all Level One's: "Why lay hands?"

Keep laying hands on your Self! It may not seem like much is happening, yet through your attunement there is a great orchestra of alchemy waiting your attention that it may be ignited through the laying on of hands by you. This alchemy is a force of love and light so profound it can help heal all matters of self doubt & insecurity..... and it will help to bridge the gaps between the old life you are leaving behind and the new one ahead of you. 

I share all of this with love, for only you know what is your truth- and there is no force of will. This said, there is an extraordinary time scape open during the first thirty days after your Level One whereby profound healing can take place if one says yes to it by laying on hands with Self healing! Of course profound healing can further take place down the road with your Level One- yes!- It's just that you were guided to receive your attunement... ask yourSelf why. And now its about you deciding to take the medicine you were so drawn to obtain. 

This medicine is the purest form of love-force as life-force. It connects you to all the love and light in the universe and beyond it. Taking your medicine is all about you practicing Self Love💟🙌 That is the greatest initiation any one person can traverse. 

Reiki invites us to be empowered. To transform lower denser qualities into gold, aka love and light. Reiki also invites us to be liberated from the tars that bind us to the polarized realms of the 3D. What are 'tars'? ... It is a term to denote the Tar Body, which is your Light Body's toxic double. It is the voice opposite to your Higher Self. The tar body is that which we release when undergoing any healing path. 

The Tar Body contains Self Doubt, Self Sabotage, negative patterns, toxic memories, trauma, fear, pain, anger, limited beliefs and all polarized negative 'like' qualities. Reiki is a powerful modality to use as a means to purify our energy vehicle and physical body temple from denser vibrations. Read my article entitled Feed the Light Body Starve the Tar Body to find out more©TuesdayMayThomas

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