Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Reiki- The Discipline of Daily Self Practice and its Rewards

© Tuesday May Thomas 2016
Why is it so important to develop a daily self-practice for those who have been Reiki attuned? Does Healing Your Life with Reiki entail a lot of work? What kind of rewards can you expect to attain when cultivating a disciplined practice with Reiki? 

As a Master Reiki Teacher of fifteen years, these are questions I am asked frequently... and ones I love to answer!

Why is it so important to develop a daily self-practice for those who have been Reiki attuned? 

In developing a regular Self-healing Reiki Practice, one cultivates the power to heal their lives through the gentle dismantling of all that is untrue. The discipline of laying hands on yourself each day helps to cultivate stillness, quiet, and the ability to listen to truth.

Listening to one's heart requires courage and the consistent practice of choosing light over dark, trusting love over fear, and embracing joy over misery in all areas of life. The supernatural ability of listening to your heart requires stillness and quiet. 

 is the first step towards living an authentic life. Who are you living for? Are you living at the full calibration of your true Self? Learning to listen to your heart is step one. Learning to trust the call of your heart is step two. Reiki will know which way to flow, all you ned do is let go.

Does Healing Your Life with Reiki entail a lot of work? 

Yes, at first it is a lot of work.... Healing your life with Reiki is a discipline that requires you to be fully present. 

You do not need to give up vegan ice cream, bacon or cheese. Though you will be encouraged to begin an energy diet. This diet does not pertain to the food entering your mouth, it attends to the energetic quality of the food of thought and word you embody on a daily basis. Just as we would consider the quality of food entering our bodies (organic, gmo, fresh and nutritious, or processed and packaged), we become aware of the quality of thought and speech that we allow to enter and exit our being on a daily basis. 

To discipline the practice of Self-love in a down to earth way by laying hands on your Self every day, empowers you to process and heal the untrue physical, mental, and emotional layers of self while lovingly releasing them to the light.

With regular practice, the 'work' becomes play. The freedom you gift your Self through this practice is a gift offering transformation of a kind you had never known. Your daily hands-on practice will move from your 'to do' list, for it will simply become a part of your daily lifestyle. Side effects include authentic illumination from who you thought you were, into who you truly are.

What kind of rewards can you expect to attain when cultivating a disciplined practice with Reiki? 

Your 'reward' lies in the cultivation of true freedom, happiness, peace of mind, and the ability to live an authentic life free of self sabotage. It is important to practice Reiki daily because it gives you the gifts you are looking for in life. It gives you the gifts money, sex, and drugs can't buy. A disciplined practice with Reiki instills peace of mind and alignment with the personal power of your heart medicine, through direct connection with your higher self. In this way, the work bestows grand, providential rewards. 

Reiki attunements invite us to move from negative, destructive, limiting and fearful patterns of thought, word and deed. They can lead us on a path of engaging in a new pattern of light within. Our attunements begin to connect us to the metaphysical components of mind and mouth. Our minds and mouths have an uncanny way of connecting us to everything else in the universe. When our minds and mouths are in synch with the truth in our heart, Heaven on Earth abides. © Tuesday May Thomas 2016