Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I am the faucet not the water

 I am the faucet not the water.

I first heard Marianne Williamson use the term 'be the faucet not the water' at a Course in Miracles talk she gave in L.A. last year. She spoke on the potency of simply being present for those in need, wether it be a family member, a stranger on the street or a close friend. 

Instead of trying to fix them, or their problems - as the faucet we simply listen, are present, and allow 'god', or 'love' to provide the healing that may be required at that time. Often being seen and heard is enough for someone to feel a positive shift in their being, or a healing on some level. And all we have do is be there for them. 

Learning Reiki is a wonderful means of learning how to be the faucet and not the water. As the faucet we learn to hold space for others while allowing love, or life-force energy do the 'work'. In facilitating Reiki healing we allow the water to flow through us and so the presence of love becomes heightened. It is this presence of love that does the healing. In this way we do not use our own personal reserves of energy to heal anybody or anything, nor do we get stuck in the trap of thinking 'I healed you'. 

The practitioner does not
 heal the recipient.

When a Reiki practitioner shares Reiki with a client, friend, student or houseplant, they consciously align with Reiki and become a conduit through which universal life-force energy flows. It is the 'water' of life-force energy that acts as the healing agent. 

The practitioner becomes a faucet through which universal life-force energy flows to the recipient. From here, the correct conditions are created within the recipient whereby their body's natural ability to heal itself mentally, physically, and emotionally are re-calibrated to it's highest order, and for their highest good.©TuesdayMayThomas

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The 'Energy Letter' - A Metaphysical, Multidimensional Energy Tool

Energy Letters are a powerful way to express yourself. You can create balance, healing, and call in closure. Often all we need to do is find a forum to express our feelings and let them out safely. This in itself is a healing.  If you like, you can start today and make peace with others in your life. Maybe you are not ready to speak directly to someone you have some beef with, but maybe you are ready to write an Energy Letter to them. Also, you do not need to be in a car accident or have something terrible happen to write Energy Letters. In fact, you can write Energy letters expressing how grateful you are to the great people or things in your life.

Energy Letters ~ How it works-
1) You write a letter to someone you seek to clear the air with, forgive, or ask forgiveness of, or just to get some things off your chest, or to maybe have closure with- like an ex.

2) When you write them, imagine you are writing to their higher self, from your higher self.... For Example you could open and close the letter; 'To Kevin's Higher Self'---- from Molly's Higher Self'. If you do not wish to put any names in the letter that is okay too. you can simply address it 'To Your Higher Self'... 'From My Higher Self'.  What is a 'Higher Self' you ask?  It's the part of them that is willing to listen and be nice to you- and the part of you that is willing to communicate and be nice to them too. The Higher Self is the part of us all that is full of compassion, patience and wisdom.

3) Get it all out. Okay, so even though we are 'being our Higher Self' and being 'nice' as stated above.. Sometimes you really need to tell it like it is without holding back. TheEnergy Letter is a safe place to do this. Write out everything you never said, or need to say again to this person and do not hold back. Get it all out.

4) Once you have written your letter. Read it three times and make sure you have expressed everything you need to for now. Take a deep breath in and out. ahhhhh

5) Fold the letter up, surround it with light and love (good positive energy) and place it into an envelope. Write on the front of the envelope- 'To Your Higher Self, From My Higher Self'. You can use their first name and your first name- but only if you really feel like it- aka; 'To Kevin's Higher Self'---- from Molly's Higher Self'. Don't worry if you don't- the healing will still work! Do not write any address on the envelope- but you may place a stamp on it if you like! A friend did this recently, as he felt it would help to expedite the energy of the letter!

6) Place the Envelope into the post box. That's right- mail the darn letter! Haha. Yes- say a prayer over it if you like- and then drop it into the mail box of your choice and let it go. Do this within 24 hours to one week of writing your Energy Letter, it will be most potent that way.

What happens next?

Energy Letters are a way for you to express and provide yourself with much needed healing. You will feel better after you have mailed off your letter, I promise.  They key is to let go of expecting any outcome. You have done your part. Just let go and let yourself have a new beginning.

What about the person I wrote the Energy Letter to? What will happen to them?

Now, because we are writing letters to people's Higher Self- we are speaking to those parts of them that are willing to perhaps receive a healing too. We are reaching out to the wise aspect of the person in question- from the wise part of ourself. There is never any force of a will or weird manipulation of energy- ever. That is not how this tool works. We create our letters, speak from the heart.. let them go, and detach from expecting things to change. All you need to know is that YOU have taken steps of change in your life. From there- if the person you have written the letter to is open to receiving any of the healing from the words you share ENERGETICALLY in your letter- their Higher Self will soak in what you have shared and they may receive a healing too. 

Some ideas for who you might write letters to-
Your Body now
Your Body from the past
Ex Boyfriend
Ex Girlfriend
Aborted children
Adopted children 
Adoptive parents
People places and things from Past Lives

Here is an Energy Letter I wrote to my body after being in a car accident.
Energy Letter from me to my body:

Dear Beautiful Body,

I am so very grateful you have healed from last year's car accident. While it was not a huge car accident (thank God), the rear-ending I received was enough to throw my back out of whack in two different places, and cause me much pain and suffering for many months. Thank you my strong back and bones, for re-aligning and allowing me to feel stronger than ever- right now. Thank you my neck for finally letting go of chronic pain and limited motion. Thank you elastin and collagen for supporting the healing of my healthy joints and bones.

When the 'accident' happened, it was very hard for me to slow down my physical workouts. It occurred during the last few months of working with my beloved trainer, Matt. We had to slow everything down he had been training me in, and basically perform baby moves. Ughhhh- It was so friggin frustrating! In fact- at the beginning, I had to stop exercising completely and only perform limited yoga. My body was in so much pain, and even though my spirit wanted to 'do' more- I knew I really couldn't push it if I wanted to give my body the chance to heal properly. 

Because I stopped working out as much, I started gaining weight again and any muscle mass I had created was slowly beginning to fade into flab. I was so depressed :( I cried a lot and told you how angry I was with you. I grew more and more impatient along my healing path. When my back would shut down in pain, I would scream at you "Why- why now? Why me?? What do you want?" Whenever I drove- I had a lurking fear that someone would rear-end me again. My body, You lived in a frightened state of expecting the worst thing to happen on the road. It took a long time to let go of those feelings. 

The accident brought up to the surface many hidden fears and insecurities I had about my life, about You- my body, and my relationships.... I didn't even know I was holding onto so much fear based thinking in life. There were issues hiding in You- my body. There were people in there too- connected to fears and insecurities. I realized they were holding me back and it was time to ask them to leave. Getting my spine 'thrown out' caused deep hidden fears to come up for healing. It was hella hard to look at these parts of myself. But now I know I wouldn't change a thing. Now I realize- if it were not for the accident, I probably would not have worked through my issues and would still be living in denial of so much self- love. Through the accident, I found freedom from within. Freedom from feeling hurt by people of my past, and I also found the freedom to really appreciate just how precious you are, and how special life is. 

Sometimes the 'worst things that can happen' act as a catalyst to propel us into a new dimension of appreciation of the most basic things we may take for granted; such as having the ability to walk freely, or to be able to jump around and participate in a dance or workout class, or to simply be free of pain and discomfort. Thank You Beautiful Body, for healing not only my muscles and bones, but for allowing me the opportunity to heal many deeper issues from my very core. Love, Tuesday 


The time I had to spend not working out was put to good use. After I got over being frustrated by my healing process, I decided to take action and write a list of people to forgive in my life, or those I needed to ask forgiveness from. I wrote each of them an'Energy Letter' and put those letters in the mail. I then wrote Energy Letters to my body too and told it everything I hated about it, and then everything I appreciated about it. I got it all off my chest- and out of my body and mind. 

Namaste with Love,