Thursday, March 1, 2018

Altered States during Reiki with a client recovering from a Stroke

Afternoon sun warms the room while tall ceilings keep it cool. The blinds are open and visions of golf course players cross from time to time. You lay on your back while I maneuver around your body, lifting heavy limbs and folding them just so. 

        One side of your body is currently asleep and you engage in life from your wheelchair most of the time. It is your fourth-year recovering from a stroke. Your exact age I know not, yet it doesn't matter. Silver-hair and kind blue eyes greet me every time. Your wife holds sacred space for your healing. She sets you up reclined in bed, that I may visit for an hour to share Yoga and Reiki with you. 

       Today the 'Spa music' you have chosen as a backdrop to our session is dreamy. Sometimes we listen to piano music, and sometimes soundscapes of nature. But today your iPad churns out music akin to the Bladerunner soundtrack. Muted tones swell without becoming too melancholy or sweet. It sets a tone through which I feel relaxed enough to slip into altered states of consciousness while working with you.

       My gaze falls over your legs which I hold in place for a lengthened stretch to your IT Band. Light blurs in and out. In this heady landscape, I see my hands glow with Reiki. I see flowing rivers of soft velvety red moving through my fingertips and streaming out beyond this space.

       Red. The color associated with the root chakra. This color denotes qualities of acceptance to the fact that you are in a physical body, on the physical plane. It signifies safety, belonging, grounding and a relinquishing of fears on the earthly plane. 

       I watch the red swirls of light shoot from my fingertips as we work together. Inhale, exhale. I guide you through conscious breath and we move carefully to the next positioning, that your body may relax and tight muscles release with ease. This red hue gathers around us enveloping us both in its soft haze. 

      Considering your healing path dear client, and all you have undergone- it makes 'spiritual sense' that red would be our visiting color on this day. 

       Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen draws itself through me. I see the symbol appearing over your bed, and over the two of us like a soft cloud. No Past, No Present, No Future. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. My Reiki Guides tell me to draw it over and over again. With each stroke I draw in my mind's eye I can feel your body release deeper. 

       Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. No past. Releasing memory of what has been accumulated as pain and fear in the body, mind, and emotions. No present. Releasing trauma that could be triggered from the past- and brought into the present where you are now. No future. Relinquishing any neediness or expectations from what could be.

       Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. We allow completely this moment, this healing session to be perfectly perfect, for what it is today. And so it is. Namaste with Love, Tuesday

By Tuesday May Thomas 
Non Fiction Novel - Women's Personal Spiritual Growth - Metaphysical - Memoir 

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