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Reiki Right Away! How to use Mikao Usui's story as a blueprint for healing.


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As a child whenever I stubbed a toe or had a tummy ache, I would wail in a stream of tears and place my hands on the afflicted area without thinking about the placement of my hands. It was unconscious. If I was lucky my mom or grandma would offer a kiss to the area, or would perhaps gently rub their hands over the designated 'hot spot' to make it feel better. Somehow the magical kiss or touch of their hands would take the pain away and I would soon after go about playing or taking on another task.

I think about the story of Mikao Usui and how he became enlightened with the wisdom to share and teach reiki in this world. 
Mikao Usui - Founder of the
Reiki Natural Healing System

There are a few variations of Mikao's 'coming up story'- and some have slightly different details, though many share the same version of his initial first experience with the modality as a hands on healing practice which I will get to...

In the late 1800's, a Japanese doctor and monk/teacher named Mikao Usui rediscovered the original Reiki teachings. How?.....
*There is proof of a book published on reiki in Japan before Usui's quest took place, and apparently before he knew what reiki is and was. Yet reiki did not receive acclaim until Usui brought forth the teachings as we recognize them today.

It is said that a student asked Usui "How did Jesus heal?" From there he went on a sabbatical, some say for ten years, others for twenty. He traveled and studied with the monks in Tibet, the Yogis in India, the faith healers of Christian sects in the US and, while he was getting closer to understanding how Jesus may have healed, the full realization had yet to be bestowed. That is, until he took to Mount Kurama-yama, a sacred mountain north of Kyoto.

At the end of a twenty-one day fast on the mountain, Usui was given the 'divine download' on everything reiki through what is said to be the equivalent of  receiving a lightening bolt (perhaps akin to a kundalini activation) to the third eye through which he received all the information required to understand the modality of reiki, how to use it appropriately, how to share it with others, and how to teach others too.

In streamlining his story... It is said that Usui became super excited at the full realization of Reiki wisdom being bestowed to him, that he began to run back down the mountain in a blaze of glory (my words). He was so enthralled, he couldn't wait to get back to the villagers and share his discoveries.

On his way down the mountain- he tripped over a rock and stubbed his toe. He fell to the ground and placed his hands over the afflicted area right away. To his astonishment the pain reduced and any swelling became resolved.

This furthered his excitement and grounded a validation in sharing the teachings. It is through Dr. Usui’s teachings that Reiki became established in Japan and from there traveled to the United States. Now, there is much more to the story, yet for the sake of this blog- I want to get right to the juice of this post!


Now, the placement of my own hands upon my body was- and is a very natural reaction and response to a sudden sense of pain or injury. Is it for you? Even if you are not a student of reiki, and just happen to be reading this blog- do you lay hands upon your body to areas where pain resides?

Think about it- when was the last time you walked into a wall, stubbed a toe or banged your knee on the edge of a table (or something like any of these incidents)? The natural placing of our hands to the area is what will most likely happen if you do not think about it. And is most likely what will happen if you do think about it!

In the below assortment of pictures you can see a series of events that happened back to back while I was out practicing with my staff (follow me on Instagram for more of this). The pictures are frames taken from a mini chunk of footage I recorded.

Haha I didn't realize it at the time, though I was having my own Mikao Usui moment, if you will! I went from tremendous PAIN to focused calm in the photos below.


 all of  my pics ©TuesdayMayThomas

In pic one above, I am still feeling it, big time. My hands are applied, though in an unconscious manner. In pic two (middle) I am remembering the gift of reiki and applying it consciously. Instant calm and release of pain. In pic three at the bottom there is a turning point, a full release of what happened. The final 'woosh' of pain dissipated here, and it is now I know coyotes will not eat me tonight because I will be able to walk back down the mountain, even though I am injured.

And okay- injured, now I am being a drama queen. Well the truth is I might have become more seriously injured from my staff clipping- if I had not applied REIKI right away...perhaps this clip on the ol' ankle bone may have become a much larger issue. A big lump, or perhaps a painful bruise, or it might have gifted me with a limited gait for some time. But no. That night I applied an ice pack twice an hour with intervals of reiki. At bedtime I applied a thick layer of arnica and repeated a series of same love the next day. 

The very fact that I could get up and walk away from the crime scene was and is the premise of this blogpost. Wether you are actually attuned with reiki or not, we all have healing medicine in our hands. That medicine is connected to the wisdom of nature, that being LOVE. And love knows how to heal everything, no matter what. So do not hesitate to lay your hands RIGHT AWAY. Do not wait (unless your guides seriously tell you otherwise). When you lay hands efficiently and quickly the signs of injury or physical effects are divinely diminished. Remember, in laying hands we help the body heal itself by creating the correct conditions for it to do so.

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