Monday, May 15, 2017

"Who Are You?" - Daydreaming from the Heart

This post invites you to recalibrate in the name of relaxation and daydreaming. Rediscover who you are by honoring the visions from your heart. 
© Tuesday May Thomas

 I found myself sitting in front of Patrick Harrington a famous trance channel who amusingly offered me many elixirs of light while reading my palm. One of the most potent offerings came in a question "Why don't you daydream anymore?" Whoa- stop the press... He's right. Why don't I daydream anymore? 

When the mind stops thinking,
the heart begins to daydream- Tuesday

In the past half year I have somehow thwarted my dreaming to extend only as far as my bubble of immediate third dimensional needs. This includes fixing the car, paying rent on time, and having healthy food to eat. With all of these basic needs feeling more pressing than a 'need' to daydream, I had forgotten the fullness of who I am in this daydream realm- and so who I am in this world. I had forgotten the power that lies in exploring the seeds of calling in my heart. I must say the practice of conscious daydreaming is an old friend I now invite back into the tool bag!

Who I am? What is the biggest, brightest version of me doing and being when I allow myself to daydream? Patrick's offering jumpstarted me to re-learn and so remember how to color outside of the lines when it comes to using my imagination.

Oh yes, my imagination was dusty. It was dusty and rusty like an old lawnmower wheeled out from the garage that had to be 'tried' a few times before it started. Once the motor of my imagination started, I could not ignore the feelings of expansion in my body. What is this feeling? Oh yes, it is sheer joy! Old scenes emerged from the deeper parts of my mind as holographic pictures emanating from my heart. I like to think of them as the 'greatest hits' of my subconscious mind! They are the movies I like to see in my mind. They are the pictures that light me up, make me smile and catalyze excitement in my every cell and fibre. They are pictures that show me how be more of my authentic Self. And they reside in you too.

I believe we all house seeds of calling. I believe the seeds we each hold in our hearts are wired in alignment with a much larger heart, and a plan of peace and joy for this planet.  I believe the seeds of calling within each of our hearts are here to show us 'where to go' and 'what to do'- that we may meet our greatest joy. It is here we meet others who have realized their greatest joy too. Wow, can you imagine how we will light up the world from a collectively sustained frequency of authentic joy? 

The pictures in our hearts invite us to participate fully in life. This can be frightening, but only because it is a muscle mostly atrophied in us, as the world does little to engage society in practicing faith and trust in accessing the authentic parts of our collective soul. The watering of these seeds (the practice of active daydreaming from the heart) serves to connect us to our joy, our truth, and with like-minded beings. Can we fulfill a realization of unity consciousness, of one-ness in this way?... That we may bridge Heaven on Earth? I say YES!

So I propose these questions to you. 
"Who are you? What is the biggest, brightest version of you doing and being when you allow your Self to daydream?... and What would you daydream about if you had the next hour to do so?" I invite you to not only make time, but to take time to daydream. Simply drop your awareness into your heart and explore what resides there.

For example I have a student who has a dream of starting a bee farm to make honey. He gets so jazzed about it, you can see his whole face and eyes light up when he talks about it. His energy literally becomes larger, and excited in a positive, palpable way. But... Then his energy begins to shrink, and he slowly becomes despondent stating he has a 9-5 job and can't see how it will happen. Well, that's because he is trying to figure it all out in a 'sensible way' with his logical mind. Yet when he drops into his heart and simply plays with the idea of how it could happen, suddenly all the limits of this world fall away and he is left with the sheer joy of possibility. And that's what we are after, the feelings our dreams give us. This is the feeling realization that stirs excitement in our mind and body. It's a frequency that tells the U-verse. Here I am, I am that, and so it is. Upon your sustained 'I Am'-ness, ultimately the U-verse folds to your vibration and in the highest forms can supply a way when there was no-way seen before. 
For now, if you require something or someone outside of your Self to offer it-you have permission to relax. Now, drop into your heart space and let those pictures in your heart, the ones you know are yours, and only yours- let them have life through your attention. Dream your Self into them, and actively engage your imagination to bravely color outside the lines. Don't try to control the landscape in your daydream, simply be active within the pictures your heart shows you. Exercise your ability to play, like a child- within them.

As you resonate at this peak frequency, know you are indeed bridging Heaven on Earth through your peaceful existence and the joyful expansion given to your heart and mind through this exercise. As you bridge Heaven and Earth the past and future fall away and the experience of living a healed life abides in the now. 
© Tuesday May Thomas

Namaste with Love,

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Reiki - Level Two & Healthy Boundaries with clients


In this post we will talk on the importance of taking time for your own healing with Level Two before serving others. We will also review scenarios whereby creating healthy boundaries with clients, friends, family, and students are important. Learn important aspects that will help you navigate your time and space when just beginning to share professional Reiki Sessions. Read my post titled 'Unwanted Energy Penetration' on more peculiar aspects of this theme. 

If you are guided to begin sharing Reiki with more than just your Self, your goldfish, houseplants, and the occasional hands on with your boyfriend or girlfriend-... Then it is important that you are attuned to Level Two before placing an add in the local paper to attract clients, sharing Reiki with hospital patients, and/or hanging a shingle on your house that reads "Reiki Healing Here". It is not only important for the practitioner to be attuned to Level Two, but to also be in a disciplined process of doing their own healing work by laying hands on themselves regularly. Why? 

*Over the years I have met Reiki practitioners from different lineages, with very different guidelines of practice. It surprised me to find out that many Reiki lineages do not establish, or encourage the practitioner to lay hands on themselves as a regular practice. While this is directly opposed to how I teach, I understand there is a teacher and teaching for each student. This said- in the Usui lineage which I am attuned with, a consistent hands-on-Self practice is paramount and serves as an important part of the practitioners initiation to their attunement and Self healing path overall.

Learning Reiki is learning Self Love. The Reiki practitioner learns about healing by devotion to their own personal passage while under their own hands. This is a very unique and profound initiation that Reiki bestows to the student. In understanding their own mental and emotional healing, they can better serve holding space for those who come to them for Reiki. For example; Imagine the difference of taking a yoga class with a teacher who is immersed in their own personal practice, versus learning from a 'yoga' teacher who rarely does yoga at all.

Another reason for being attuned to Level Two before building up your client list, or serving very ill people in a hospital setting-  is your Level Two attunement will open your channels up to an appropriate gauge, allowing a greater flow of life-force energy to flow through you than your Level One does. In this way it is with greater ease that you can channel larger waves of life-force energy without you getting exhausted, and without dipping into your own reserves of energy.  

When attempting to share more Reiki than your channels are ready to facilitate, you may experience a snap, crackle, pop! "She can't take it captain!".... You will be asking your channels to take on more than they can handle, and this may invite the experience of energy strain, energy drain, and the surge or release of your own Tarbody issues to come to surface at a faster rate than would more naturally happen when you are with your guided attunement Level. We will go over this notion in further posts. 

All of the above said, just because you are attuned to Level Two- doesn't mean you shall necessarily begin to book tons of healings for others right away. In receiving your Level Two attunement there is an important healing process in place just for you. And part of the initiation is the expansion of your channels, which does not happen without your Self practice. Just so I am clear, unless you are practicing on yourSelf regularly your channels will not grow, become toned, flexible and expanded. Generally there is an initial six month period of change, healing, growth and transformation once someone is attuned to their second Level. Granted the healing and growth one undergoes never ends, yet this beginning period is most precious and not to be overlooked as a vital 'time' for the healer/Reiki practitioner to get to work on themSelves. The work you do on yourSelf is the most important part of the process.

Now that we have the above covered, lets go over some guidelines for maintaining Self Love, and Self Respect whilst building your Reiki community. 

Once attuned to Level Two, and clearly guided to begin serving others, the practitioner may charge for sharing a Session. Barters with other energy healers, or teachers is also a nice way of surfing the learning curve of your called path. A Session is usually one hour in length and can either be facilitated at your home site, or at the client's home. Meditate on what you feel your worth is for the level of your experience, time and travel, if it applies. If you cannot think of a price, ask your Self if you are worth $1 a minute. If so, consider charging that much for your time. I started my practice at $60 per hour when I first began.

Align with your ability to say 'No' and 'No Thank You' without feeling guilty. 

I have a student, lets call her Tracy (not her real name)- who extended Reiki to a cousin going through a hard time. The cousin would stop by on a weekly basis- in need of repair and restore. Tracy was happy to be of service and jumped to the opportunity to share the gift of Reiki. After sometime the cousin is better and Tracy senses their healing interval is fulfilled. Yet, the cousin continues to stop by (unannounced) for healing. 

The cousins' unannounced 'drop ins' became radically obscure. Tracy would be relaxing in a bath and the cousin would show up expecting healing. She would end up curtailing her own evening in order to serve his needs, yet she did not feel this was in alignment with her guidance. She just didn't know how to say 'No'. Things continued to build, with the cousin dropping in and expecting her to 'drop' her personal life events and serve him. She feels extremely uncomfortable because she knows she must honor this experience as an opportunity to communicate with her cousin. Its also a big one for her, because its an exercise in conducting Self Love and Self Respect by creating healthy boundaries. 

This process is a great gift, both to Tracy and to the cousin. He obviously does not know his conduct is inappropriate, yet she feels it is. In a graceful way, she gets to practice opening her throat chakra by expressing her truth to her cousin, in all the ways that truth will seek its way. How would you handle this situation? Creating healthy boundaries is a muscle. The more you open yourSelf to sharing Reiki with others over the years, the more you will come into contact with the opportunity to explore how you will show up in these 'healthy boundaries' spaces. 

When applying to your own healers path, this is one of the first initiations of you honoring your Self when working with clients... family and all. You must communicate clearly and don't sell your Self short.

For years I would answer the phone after 10pm to students and clients, and offer free counsel. I don't do that anymore. For a certain period of life it served me, yet it was obvious when the time came to change the rules I set for mySelf. Even counseling others on the phone can incorporate creating healthy boundaries. 

In serving others with Reiki, may you follow the intimate guidance of Reiki itSelf in communion with the truth in your heart. I give you permission to say "No", "Not now" and "No Thank you."
Namaste, Tuesday©TuesdayMayThomas

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I am the faucet not the water

 I am the faucet not the water.

I first heard Marianne Williamson use the term 'be the faucet not the water' at a Course in Miracles talk she gave in L.A. last year. She spoke on the potency of simply being present for those in need, wether it be a family member, a stranger on the street or a close friend. 

Instead of trying to fix them, or their problems - as the faucet we simply listen, are present, and allow 'god', or 'love' to provide the healing that may be required at that time. Often being seen and heard is enough for someone to feel a positive shift in their being, or a healing on some level. And all we have do is be there for them. 

Learning Reiki is a wonderful means of learning how to be the faucet and not the water. As the faucet we learn to hold space for others while allowing love, or life-force energy do the 'work'. In facilitating Reiki healing we allow the water to flow through us and so the presence of love becomes heightened. It is this presence of love that does the healing. In this way we do not use our own personal reserves of energy to heal anybody or anything, nor do we get stuck in the trap of thinking 'I healed you'. 

The practitioner does not
 heal the recipient.

When a Reiki practitioner shares Reiki with a client, friend, student or houseplant, they consciously align with Reiki and become a conduit through which universal life-force energy flows. It is the 'water' of life-force energy that acts as the healing agent. 

The practitioner becomes a faucet through which universal life-force energy flows to the recipient. From here, the correct conditions are created within the recipient whereby their body's natural ability to heal itself mentally, physically, and emotionally are re-calibrated to it's highest order, and for their highest good.©TuesdayMayThomas

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The 'Energy Letter' - A Metaphysical, Multidimensional Energy Tool

Energy Letters are a powerful way to express yourself. You can create balance, healing, and call in closure. Often all we need to do is find a forum to express our feelings and let them out safely. This in itself is a healing.  If you like, you can start today and make peace with others in your life. Maybe you are not ready to speak directly to someone you have some beef with, but maybe you are ready to write an Energy Letter to them. Also, you do not need to be in a car accident or have something terrible happen to write Energy Letters. In fact, you can write Energy letters expressing how grateful you are to the great people or things in your life.

Energy Letters ~ How it works-
1) You write a letter to someone you seek to clear the air with, forgive, or ask forgiveness of, or just to get some things off your chest, or to maybe have closure with- like an ex.

2) When you write them, imagine you are writing to their higher self, from your higher self.... For Example you could open and close the letter; 'To Kevin's Higher Self'---- from Molly's Higher Self'. If you do not wish to put any names in the letter that is okay too. you can simply address it 'To Your Higher Self'... 'From My Higher Self'.  What is a 'Higher Self' you ask?  It's the part of them that is willing to listen and be nice to you- and the part of you that is willing to communicate and be nice to them too. The Higher Self is the part of us all that is full of compassion, patience and wisdom.

3) Get it all out. Okay, so even though we are 'being our Higher Self' and being 'nice' as stated above.. Sometimes you really need to tell it like it is without holding back. TheEnergy Letter is a safe place to do this. Write out everything you never said, or need to say again to this person and do not hold back. Get it all out.

4) Once you have written your letter. Read it three times and make sure you have expressed everything you need to for now. Take a deep breath in and out. ahhhhh

5) Fold the letter up, surround it with light and love (good positive energy) and place it into an envelope. Write on the front of the envelope- 'To Your Higher Self, From My Higher Self'. You can use their first name and your first name- but only if you really feel like it- aka; 'To Kevin's Higher Self'---- from Molly's Higher Self'. Don't worry if you don't- the healing will still work! Do not write any address on the envelope- but you may place a stamp on it if you like! A friend did this recently, as he felt it would help to expedite the energy of the letter!

6) Place the Envelope into the post box. That's right- mail the darn letter! Haha. Yes- say a prayer over it if you like- and then drop it into the mail box of your choice and let it go. Do this within 24 hours to one week of writing your Energy Letter, it will be most potent that way.

What happens next?

Energy Letters are a way for you to express and provide yourself with much needed healing. You will feel better after you have mailed off your letter, I promise.  They key is to let go of expecting any outcome. You have done your part. Just let go and let yourself have a new beginning.

What about the person I wrote the Energy Letter to? What will happen to them?

Now, because we are writing letters to people's Higher Self- we are speaking to those parts of them that are willing to perhaps receive a healing too. We are reaching out to the wise aspect of the person in question- from the wise part of ourself. There is never any force of a will or weird manipulation of energy- ever. That is not how this tool works. We create our letters, speak from the heart.. let them go, and detach from expecting things to change. All you need to know is that YOU have taken steps of change in your life. From there- if the person you have written the letter to is open to receiving any of the healing from the words you share ENERGETICALLY in your letter- their Higher Self will soak in what you have shared and they may receive a healing too. 

Some ideas for who you might write letters to-
Your Body now
Your Body from the past
Ex Boyfriend
Ex Girlfriend
Aborted children
Adopted children 
Adoptive parents
People places and things from Past Lives

Here is an Energy Letter I wrote to my body after being in a car accident.
Energy Letter from me to my body:

Dear Beautiful Body,

I am so very grateful you have healed from last year's car accident. While it was not a huge car accident (thank God), the rear-ending I received was enough to throw my back out of whack in two different places, and cause me much pain and suffering for many months. Thank you my strong back and bones, for re-aligning and allowing me to feel stronger than ever- right now. Thank you my neck for finally letting go of chronic pain and limited motion. Thank you elastin and collagen for supporting the healing of my healthy joints and bones.

When the 'accident' happened, it was very hard for me to slow down my physical workouts. It occurred during the last few months of working with my beloved trainer, Matt. We had to slow everything down he had been training me in, and basically perform baby moves. Ughhhh- It was so friggin frustrating! In fact- at the beginning, I had to stop exercising completely and only perform limited yoga. My body was in so much pain, and even though my spirit wanted to 'do' more- I knew I really couldn't push it if I wanted to give my body the chance to heal properly. 

Because I stopped working out as much, I started gaining weight again and any muscle mass I had created was slowly beginning to fade into flab. I was so depressed :( I cried a lot and told you how angry I was with you. I grew more and more impatient along my healing path. When my back would shut down in pain, I would scream at you "Why- why now? Why me?? What do you want?" Whenever I drove- I had a lurking fear that someone would rear-end me again. My body, You lived in a frightened state of expecting the worst thing to happen on the road. It took a long time to let go of those feelings. 

The accident brought up to the surface many hidden fears and insecurities I had about my life, about You- my body, and my relationships.... I didn't even know I was holding onto so much fear based thinking in life. There were issues hiding in You- my body. There were people in there too- connected to fears and insecurities. I realized they were holding me back and it was time to ask them to leave. Getting my spine 'thrown out' caused deep hidden fears to come up for healing. It was hella hard to look at these parts of myself. But now I know I wouldn't change a thing. Now I realize- if it were not for the accident, I probably would not have worked through my issues and would still be living in denial of so much self- love. Through the accident, I found freedom from within. Freedom from feeling hurt by people of my past, and I also found the freedom to really appreciate just how precious you are, and how special life is. 

Sometimes the 'worst things that can happen' act as a catalyst to propel us into a new dimension of appreciation of the most basic things we may take for granted; such as having the ability to walk freely, or to be able to jump around and participate in a dance or workout class, or to simply be free of pain and discomfort. Thank You Beautiful Body, for healing not only my muscles and bones, but for allowing me the opportunity to heal many deeper issues from my very core. Love, Tuesday 


The time I had to spend not working out was put to good use. After I got over being frustrated by my healing process, I decided to take action and write a list of people to forgive in my life, or those I needed to ask forgiveness from. I wrote each of them an'Energy Letter' and put those letters in the mail. I then wrote Energy Letters to my body too and told it everything I hated about it, and then everything I appreciated about it. I got it all off my chest- and out of my body and mind. 

Namaste with Love,

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sending Distance Reiki

We know there is never a force of will with Reiki- like; "I'm going to heal you and send you Reiki even though you don't know it, because I think you need a healing", and we also know there is the direct guidance of Reiki- like, someone is in the hospital and we receive the notion to send healing, or are guided by Reiki itself, to send distance healing. 

Knowing the difference between what you think needs to happen versus listening to the divine guidance of Reiki is an initiation for the practitioner, and is one of the utmost highest order. 

Alas, there is a learning curve in this also, and no harm will ever be done to a person by sharing Reiki with them. The learning curve lies in the practitioner practicing integrity through sharing Reiki only when it is asked for, agreed to, or guided by Reiki itself. This curve is not about a Reiki practitioner reaping bad karma through 'working their will' versus listening to the guidance of Reiki. Rather, its about- what kind of practitioner/facilitator do you want to be? When we listen and flow with what is guided, the process is often very fluid, potent and powerful for all involved, and it is always for the highest good of all. These conditions of practice are set for the practitioner to hone their ability to discern what their will is, versus what the guidance of Reiki is at any given juncture. 

In my upcoming book 'The Reiki Apprentice', I write about how there comes a point- usually around Level Three, when one simply cannot 'help' Reiki flowing through them! You will feel it flowing out of your pores and eyeballs and to people and places you could never imagine! But at that point your channels are open enough to facilitate on that level, and it's not you- its the Reiki doing the work through you. You just get to observe and be the faucet not the water!

When sharing Distance Reiki, one of the cosmic clauses I teach is; If you cannot have direct contact with an individual, always ask their higher Self if they are in agreement with receiving Reiki at that time.

If you are sharing a distance healing, and the person knows you will be sending healing, and has agreed to it through conscious communication with you, the most powerful means of transmission is for them to lay down and close their eyes. Maybe they will cover themselves with a blanket, and maybe they will put on a little relaxation music too. Have them uncross their limbs and simply be open to receive. Make a pre planned date- Agree on a time (12-1pm on Wednesday, for example) so they will be ready and open. From there either use your minds eye to see them, or use a picture, or a teddy bear, or pillow to represent them. Before beginning the healing draw a huge cho ku rei in the room/environment you imagine them being in. This will raise the vibration of the space where they are and create correct energetic conditions for the healing. Have them drink water afterwards for grounding.

If you are guided to send healing and the person does not know, but their higher self has agreed, well- there could be a million situations where this may abide. A person does not need to be in the hospital to come up on your radar to receive distance Reiki from you! It could be guided for anyone, even people you don't know. As long as you feel it is a genuine request from their higher self and you get the green light it is truly guided via reiki/your reiki angels, then you can ask your reiki angels what is the best mode of sharing distance healing with this person, at this time? 

You will know what to do, just listen. In this case, follow your reiki guidance. The healing may be five minutes or fifty minutes- don't be concerned if they are with uncrossed legs and such. In this case, the reiki will be absorbed by them as they are ready to receive it. The reiki will go to them and what is ready and appropriate for them to receive will be absorbed by them and the rest will 'park' itself in their aura and will be administered to them by their higher self like a time release vitamin! You can use the same practice of seeing them in your minds eye, a picture, a teddy bear or pillow, what ever feels right to you. Imagine them drinking a glass of water afterwards.

Check List for Sending Distance Reiki

1. Make either conscious contact (phone call/conversation) or higher self contact with the person/place or thing prior to sending long distance reiki. 

2. Once you have been given permission or receive a clear agreement on their part to share reiki with them,

3. Create an appropriate space to share that healing from. For example, where possible-turn off the tv, light a candle- take a few breaths, lay hands on yourself for some time first. Create a sacred space.

4. Call in your guides & Reiki angels.

5. Make contact with your clients higher self and invite them to prepare for their healing and that they may call in their guides too.

6. Use a picture or teddy bear or the like, or even a pillow to represent your client. Listen to reiki guidance and lay hands. Draw & visualize your hon sha ze sho non (notes are okay to use til you know it by heart). You may be guided to use other symbols too over the course of the healing.

7. As the session is guided to end, acknowledge the individual's higher self you have connected with and thank your guides and reiki angels for helping to hold space.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Reiki & Unwanted Energy Penetration

© Tuesday May Thomas 2016
Ten years ago I visited the 'Conscious Life Expo' in Los Angeles with a couple girlfriends. We attended lectures, strolled through aisles of vendors, and shared stories about our favorite mystical healing experiences. We stood in reverence, with eyes closed in front of a six-foot tall amethyst crystal, we ouhhed and ahhed at beautiful handmade jewelry and even took pictures of our auras. There were plenty of healers offering services. With so much to take in and look at, we decided to go in our own directions for a while and explore. 

My shoulders were tight so I signed up with a chair masseuse for a ten minute chair massage. About five minutes in, I noticed the masseur was giving me more than a massage. I could energetically feel that he was doing something I had not given him permission to 'do' to me. The shoulder rub had stopped and his energy had shifted. I was suddenly aware of an odd feeling. 

I was being Energetically Penetrated by his will! 

I abruptly sat up to see he was standing in front of me with his eyes closed. He looked like he was in a trance whilst drawing spirals at me with his pointer finger. He then attempted to move the spirals into my energy body with his hand. I sat there watching while he 'gave me a massage'.

I could feel the energy he was trying to 'give me', but I din't want it. And because of my awareness, I did not take it on.

Why didn't I want what he was trying to give me? 

Because a) it felt invasive, and b) I never asked for it! 

I interrupted his action and called him out on it. I asked him why he decided to give me more than a massage. He answered that he was an energy healer. He could see that my crown chakra needed a healing, so he decided to heal it. But our agreement was for you to give me the gift of chair massage for ten minutes, which we both agreed to- and nothing more. In silence I gazed at him, feeling annoyed that I didn't get my full ten minute massage, yet aware of this important lesson for both of us. And in the next breath, he suddenly 'got it'. He knew he over stepped his boundaries with me. I namaste'd him and left without paying.  

At that time of my life I had been attuned to Master Level Reiki for five years. In those five years I did a lot with Reiki, and still do! I held ongoing Reiki circles for my students, and shared Reiki healing with healthy everyday people of all ages and abilities. I facilitated a twice weekly Reiki program at a large nursing home and rehab facility, shared with bed bound patients in hospice, including coma patients in the hospital. 

Why am I telling you this? Because I am going to make an assumption and guess that you are already attuned to Reiki if you are reading this blog, or you are interested in learning about it, or you are an energy healer/student/practitioner on some level. While I can speak for Usui Reiki as I have learned and teach it, it feels these guidelines serve most denominations of energy healing as a whole:

"Don't do something to or for someone without getting consent from them first." 

Generally, when you are attuned to Usui Reiki your teacher will make it clear that you are a conduit for life-force energy and that it is the life-force energy that creates the correct conditions for others to heal by. It is not YOU doing the healing. It is the Reiki doing the healing through you. 

You do not heal anyone with Reiki. We could almost go as far as saying you're not even a 'healer' when you are attuned with Reiki. What?? I hear you calling from the aisles! I know, I even sometimes say I am a healer, yet not because I share Reiki with others, mostly because I am healed. Yes I have learned and continue to learn so much about Reiki and how it can help heal the very life we live! I can share on that healing realm with others. Yet I know Reiki does the healing, not me. Reiki creates the correct conditions for others to heal by. Sure my presence helps, the space I hold helps- but long ago I let go of fishing for others, instead opting to teach others how to fish for themselves.

When you use Reiki daily on yourself, and have the opportunity to share it with many others in a variety of settings, you learn that you are the faucet, not the water. You learn you are not doing the healing, but you are a conduit for the healing energy of life-force to flow through you. You also learn a lot about a) the practice, b) your Self, c) others, and d) how to share this modality of healing with sacred integrity.

What is sacred about sharing energy work, you may ask? The most vital component is that it is asked for, or given permission for, or is granted the 'green light' by the recipient. In this way it is exchanged with honor, with potency and respect, and with no force of a will. At the most high point, it is something that is agreed upon between the recipient and the practitioner. There is no hidden agenda with Reiki. Its clear, clean and simple. Voila!

Reiki reminder - "Don't do something to or for someone without getting consent from them first." 

With the practice of sharing Reiki, there is never a force of will. Yes, there are random circumstances such as having a client, a friend, a friend of a friend, or family member in the hospital, or in China- and getting a blip on your radar to send them Reiki, though they may be unconscious or unaware of it- but we will talk about that aspect of agreement through the field of Higher Self in our next post. 

For now, what I desire to translate to you is the basic foundational teaching embodying the idea that Reiki is not a modality to be forced upon someone, or done without someones consent. I will add, I feel strongly about this notion with any given energy work, or healing modality.

This story brings me to what I am guided to share with you now. 

At one of my recent Reiki Workshops, I got a clear download: Be open to doing a barter exchange with student 'X'. And by the end of the day, student 'X' asked if I was interested to share Reiki with her in exchange for trager and tui na massage. We had met a couple of times before this at other spiritual gatherings, so I had a basic sense of who this woman was. I also knew she was with her Level One Reiki attunement, given by another teacher. I had not experienced trager and tui na, and given my distinct download to work with her, I agreed.

The next Wednesday she came to my home and I shared an hour of Reiki healing with her. The following Friday I went to her place and was happy to receive some 'body work'. She had described the techniques she would share with me and my body was excited to try something new. There were short periods of time during the body-work where she paused before moving to the next limb when working on me and I could feel Reiki naturally flow without force. This will often happen naturally without trying

When you are attuned- Reiki will flow of its own accord, though we may not always be aware of it. I was aware of it and it felt good- those little bursts of Reiki I received while she steadily laid hands on my left foot before beginning to move to my right foot, and so on. I could feel it was a natural occurrence of the Reiki between us. 

This said, at the very end of my session I could feel her performing a different kind of 'energy work' on me. One I had not given consent to. I sensed unwanted Energy Penetration- as I had so many years earlier at the Conscious Life Expo. In my fifteen years of being a Master Reiki Teacher, I knew what she was 'giving me' was not Reiki. 

I asked her what it was she was doing at the end of the session? She laughingly shrugged it off saying  "I don't know,.... something to do with your chakras...". I immediately thought back to the not so 'conscious' masseur at the Conscious Life Expo. I knew it was not Reiki she was sharing with me. She knew it was not Reiki, yet she could not explain what it was she was doing, nor did she know what she was doing, and even more- she seemed to have no conscious awareness that IT was happening until I brought it up. This opportunity created a teaching moment for me to share with her, and so I did.

Readers please note-  *The above is an example of inappropriate energy exchange. 

With so many energy workers, and infinite practices healers share- and so many people out there just trying to help, or be of service, sometimes the lines get blurred with what 'act' is really being of service and what is not. We want to help so bad, we will go out of our way to 'do good', meanwhile the good we think we should provide isn't always what is for the highest good of all, nor does it reflect the sweet wisdom guided in the still silence of what Reiki will actually guide you to do or not do on its behalf. 

Bottom line, Reiki is non-invasive, whilst in my experience many other modalities that share healing, seem to have an approach with fewer boundaries.

Years ago, one of my Reiki apprentices sought a healing with a shaman. This shaman took her through a rebirthing session which led to him 'Energetically Penetrating' her by manipulating her aura to create the healing she required (which is normal in shamanic practices- for example a shaman might physically & psychically poke into your auric field and pull out a tumor cluster and either eat and transmute it, throw it in their 'energy cauldron' or 'energy fire' to be dissolved- or a number of other means), but he went further by actually putting his finger into her vagina in the heat of an intense healing moment. He had stepped outside of his honorable position as a shaman by becoming turned on by the energy they shared during the healing and he went too far. 

While she did not agree to this as part of her healing session, many would argue she must have agreed to it on a psychic level, and so therein lies their karma. This is another point we will speak on later. For now, the point is this was not a part of the rebirthing session she thought she was going to get, but it happened all the same. 

As healers and recipients of healing energy, be it Reiki or another modality, we are responsible to hold the light for ourselves and others. 

We are responsible to speak up for ourselves when something does not feel right, and we are responsible to give this gift of free communication to our clients when we share Reiki or any other type of healing with them. We are responsible for sharing with the highest level of impeccability we can hold at any given time and space. 
And so it is, for the highest good of all. © Tuesday May Thomas 2016